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Sherry Hill Trotta 
Professional Design Consultant


FAQ find out what we're all about



What are the benefits of working with Sherry of Trotta Interiors?

Sherry's passion for design is contagious! She is all about helping people fall in love with their homes.  Sherry has helped scores of clients with all different budgets and taste, create a home they are proud to share. Thru Sherry's years of work with Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel and Room & Board, she discovered her genuine love of working with clients of all ages from all backgrounds.  Sherry was honored to be named "One of the Top 10 Designers" at Chicago Design Center. Trotta Interiors believes in making communities stronger and regularly donate room makeovers for schools and charity.  


Trotta Interiors is thrilled to be opening in Texas.  They are a time and money saving service that covers everything in your room from floors to ceilings, with your taste and budget in mind. Using designer tricks, Sherry loves to save her clients from having to buy new things and make the most of what you have. She often hears “I never would have thought of that... what a amazing idea!” Trotta Interiors is also available for custom designer work as well as bargain finds.

How is Trotta Interiors unique?

Trotta Interiors concept is quite different from traditional interior design.  Sherry works with the things you already own. When she does recommend new purchases, she provides you with specifications regarding color, size, fabric, etc. The goal is to help you "Love your home with what you own!"  We believe beautiful design doesn't have to be over the top expensive or intimidating.

What types of residence do you work in?

From a small rental apartment to a  large family home, Sherry works in all types of residences whether you rent or own.

How big of difference does "design to sell" really make?

Huge! Your "Top Dollar in Record Time" plan is very different than design for everyday living and makes a big difference in the sale of your home. With Design to Sell, the focus embraces the potential buyers perspective,  which will greatly increase your homes value in record time.


What does your shopping service offer?

Trotta Interiors sources furnishings, fabrics and accessories and are seasoned bargain hunters helping you create the perfect designer look that fits your budget.


How long does it take to have a consultation for a room?

The typical consultation for each room is anywhere between two to four hours


How do you charge?

We charge a flat fee based on the number of room(s) you choose to re-decorate so the client always knows exactly what the cost will be upfront. The fee is based on the size of the room. Payment is due the day of service. Shopping is charged an hourly rate. For custom orders 50% deposit is required upfront.


Can I purchase a gift certificate for your services?

Yes, we offer gift certificates for all occassions!

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