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Services Offered



Love where you live.  A redesign session identifies with you what's working and not working in your space.  Every aspect of the room will be expertly covered from floor to ceiling. At the end of the session, you'll receive your customized plan beautifully tailored to your style and budget.

Textile and Furniture Shopping

First, we'll expertly "shop your space." Its amazing what a difference repurposing your belongings from different spaces makes. Trotta Interiors prides itself on making the most of what you have while providing stunning results.

Trotta Interiors also offers shopping services for any budget. Have fun shopping with Sherry, or have her curate items for you!


Color Consultation

Color transforms the way you feel in your home. Trotta Interiors will eliminate any guesswork to create the perfect look and feel for your space. Sherry's experienced eye gives you the amazing "wow" factor your friends and family will love!

        Have the prettiest house on the block!

Give your house the curb appeal it craves.   We now offer virtual paint selections for the exterior of your home... Perk up your door color, shutters, trim, siding or brick. Your house will be the prettiest on the block!

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